We are proud to announce our crisis services Volunteer of the Month (August, 2016) is Julie Randall.
We spoke with Julie on how she first became…

Meet our Volunteer of the Month for August, 2016, Julie Randall

We are proud to announce our crisis services Volunteer of the Month (August, 2016) is Julie Randall.

We spoke with Julie on how she first became involved at NRS:

“When I first heard about NRS, I knew it was for me! I know from my experiences as a mom that growing up is a tough job, and I fully believe that all kids (and families) can benefit from a caring adult with an open ear. Unfortunately, many of the callers at NRS don’t have this kind of relationship. I was drawn to NRS in hopes that I could provide this service.”

We asked Julie what keeps her coming back:

“Knowing that there are so many youth and families who struggle with difficult situations, and that we at NRS can help them find a way through either by providing resources, insight or a sounding board makes each shift at the crisis services center truly worthwhile! And I love spending time with the amazing NRS staff and all my fabulous fellow volunteers!”

We asked what she has learned from her experiences:

“The needs are great and varied! There are youth carrying unimaginable burdens that make the notion of a care-free childhood nearly impossible. This being said, I’m repeatedly amazed at the resilience and resourcefulness of our callers!”

“I had a call from a transgender teen who had been born female and identified male. He was from a large metropolitan area where one might think attitudes were open and accepting. This was far from the case! His parents so opposed his gender identification that they had sent him to a faith-based, all girls’ boarding school in the southern US. He called when he was home on break and was desperate! He was refusing to go back and was considering suicide. We talked about the great value of his life and how, as such an articulate and strong individual, he truly had a bright future. We discussed options to going back to this school as well as coping strategies he might employ if he did return. I gave him numbers for not only for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline but for two LGBTQ services in his community. He said he planned to contact them immediately in hopes of finding a place to go and feel safe. He said he felt hopeful.”

Julie’s final thoughts:

“I overhear volunteers on the phones at the crisis services center, and I am in awe of the compassion and insight they have to offer. The staff is so supportive and knowledgeable, and the atmosphere is warm and friendly…my time at NRS is a real high point in my week!”

We thank Julie Randall for her service and congratulate her once again for being named crisis services Volunteer of the Month for August of 2016!


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