Meet our new Volunteer of the Month!

We are proud to announce our crisis service Volunteer of the Month (September, 2016) is Nicole Anslover.

Crisis Service Volunteer of the Month Nicole Anslover Supporting Her Favorite Team


We asked Nicole, How did you first get involved with the National Runaway Safeline?

“I was looking for a place to volunteer. I wanted to find something that I believed in and that I felt was making a big impact. After walking past the neon green NRS “Volunteer Here” sign about a thousand times, I checked out the website. I signed up for training once I learned about all of the great work NRS does.”

So what makes you keep coming back?

“The people! The supportive call center supervisors, the other volunteers, and the people on the other end of the phone.”

What have you learned from your experiences here?

“I would like to think that I have learned to have more empathy. I also hope I’ve learned some perspective about how people handle different situations.”

Meet Our Crisis Service NRS Volunteer of the Month for September, 2016, Nicole Anslover

Can we have a fun fact about you?

I have 2 cats that are 16 years old. I am obsessed with them.

Please share a story from your crisis service experience that stuck with you.

“I once was on a call with a young girl who was very depressed. She had taken a lot of different pills from the medicine cabinet and was starting to feel sick. I was able to get help to her and stayed on the line with her until medical help arrived. I think about that girl a lot, and hope that she’s okay.”

Any final thoughts?

“Thanks for making this a great place to be! I always look forward to coming to NRS because there is guaranteed to be a friendly face and someone with a funny story.”

Thanks again, Nicole, and congratulations! We appreciate your contributions to the runaway, homeless and at-risk youth that we serve every day.


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