Meet our new Volunteer of the Month!

We are proud to announce our crisis service Volunteer of the Month (October, 2016) is Emily N.

We asked Emily, how did you first get involved with the National Runaway Safeline?

“I like to remember to listen more than I talk; listening to youth who need to talk is a way of serving.”

So what makes you keep coming back?

“That each week I really do listen and talk with youth across the USA who just need a conversation with a safe person.  A lot of them know the decisions they have to make, but need someone to hear them talk it through.  Some are in acute crisis and need to know immediate local referrals.”

What have you learned from your experiences here?

“Every young person is doing the best they can, based on the information they have.  The more information they have, and the better quality it is, the more healthy decisions can be made.”

Can we have a fun fact about you?

“I made the switch to decaf!  So now I am walking around with unleaded coffee.”

Please share a story from your crisis service experience that stuck with you.

“A caller who was about to take a 56-hour bus ride home on the Home Free Program.  He was already tired and hungry.  I encouraged him about the journey and I could hear his voice perk up; he needed to hear that I believed he could get through.  We problem-solved about sleep and eating.”

Any last thoughts?

“Remember to breathe as you work through calls and between conversations.  Breathing helps us to manage our tension and bring the best we can to each call.”

Thank you, Emily, and congratulations! We appreciate your work with the runaway, homeless and at-risk youth we serve every day.


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