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We are proud to announce our crisis services Volunteer of the Month (November 2016), Sophia Williams.Sophia Williams - Crisis Services Volunteer of the Month - November, 2016

We asked Sophia, how did you first get involved with the National Runaway Safeline?

“I became involved in NRS my sophomore year of high school after driving past the office.”

So what makes you keep coming back?

“What keeps me coming back is the feeling I am making a difference, and of course the other volunteers! Everyone is so welcoming and nice.”

Crisis Services Volunteer of the Month, Sophia Williams - November, 2016 - National Runaway Safeline

What have you learned from your experiences here?

“I have learned that everyone has a story and their own unique struggles.”

Can we have a fun fact about you?

“My favorite pop is Dr. Pepper. I absolutely love it!”

Our Crisis Services Volunteer of the Month for November, 2016 - Sophia Williams

Please share a story from your crisis service experience that stuck with you.

“One story that stuck with me was an 18-year-old girl who ran away to live with people she met online. She wanted to get home because they were making her do things she wasn’t comfortable with, but she had no money and neither did her mom. She called NRS, and we were able to start the Home Free process for her.”

Any last thoughts?

“To the other volunteers, I would like to say that I learn so much from them. Even though I’m not required to do listen-ins anymore, I eavesdrop on other calls to what the liners are saying. If I hear a good supportive statement or question I think to myself, “Oh nice. I’ll use that on one of my calls.” I also want to say everyone is so supportive, nice, and easy to talk to.”

Thank you, Sophia! We appreciate your work with the runaway, homeless, and at-risk youth we serve every day.

Interested in volunteering?

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