We all need love and care.

Helping Others During the Holidays - National Runaway Safeline

By Amy Dahlem, Development and Communication Specialist

This month, many people all over the world will be celebrating the holidays. It’s a time when families and communities gather to eat meals together, swap gifts and engage in cultural traditions. When people spend time with those that love them, their support systems are strengthened. To surround yourself with those who care about you is to surround yourself with advice, inspiration, and encouragement. Ever since I was a child, the holidays have brought me joy and excitement! Unfortunately, there are many children who do not get these same feelings. The holidays may not be a celebration of what one is grateful for, but rather, a reminder of what they wish they had, or need.

It’s important to remember the millions of homeless youth who will be lacking family, food, clothing, shelter, and other necessities, during this time. Equally as important, is the need for these youth to know where they can go during this time. When family isn’t always an option or isn’t a safe option, there is always someone at the National Runaway Safeline to talk you through  alternatives. By calling 1800RUNAWAY or using live chat services through 1800RUNAWAY.org, runaway and homeless youth can learn about where they can get the help that they are seeking.



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