Learn more about Betsy!

The National Runaway Safeline (NRS) would like to recognize Betsy Nore as our final Donor of the Month in 2016!

Betsy has been a volunteer in the crisis services center for nearly ten years! She always shows up to her volunteer shift with a positive attitude, prepared to help youth when they need it most.

She recently donated a significant amount to NRS’ Transformational Campaign, a drive to enhance crisis services by upgrading technology, producing digital communiques and increasing community engagement. With Betsy being on the front lines of the services we provide at NRS, she understands first-hand how significant these donations are to the organization.

As a way to honor our Transformational Campaign donors, NRS created a donor wall; a lively wall of names inside of colorful decals, honoring those who gave gifts ranging from $500 to $50,000.

Here is what Betsy had to say about her contribution:

“Hi!  I wish to make this contribution to NRS so I can have a little, tiny circle with my name on it as I stroll to the bathroom. I love the work we do here at NRS.”

Thank you, Betsy! We love the work that YOU do here at NRS.


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