Meet our volunteer of the month!

Our crisis line volunteers are essential to the operation of our 24-hour crisis services center. They donate their time and give of themselves to help youth in need. As a token of our gratitude, we recognize a volunteer who has done an outstanding job, and to learn more about her and her background.

We are proud to announce our crisis hotline Volunteer of the Month (February 2017) is Jermaine Dictado. She responded to our questions below.

Fun Fact: I’ve traveled to almost 30 countries. My dad works for Delta Airlines, so my flights were free until I turned 24 years old. It was a sad birthday when I turned 24 though.
How did you first become involved with NRS? I was looking for volunteering opportunities because volunteering was required for my first semester of grad school. I enjoyed coming to NRS so much though that I’ve continued volunteering here for the past 2 years!
What keeps you coming back? What keeps me coming back is the friendly environment at NRS and how much support and help we receive from the [NRS staffers]. It’s also a very rewarding feeling when I can help a caller.
What have you learned from your experience here? By volunteering here, I have learned how to be more empathic when speaking to people in distress. I’ve also learned more about different resources out there that can help people in a variety of problematic situations.
Give us a story from your experience that stuck with you: I remember a caller who was stranded in a city because his friends had abandoned him there. It was nice to start the Home Free process with him and see it through all the way to the end when his bus ticket got booked.

Any last thoughts? Everyone is so great to work with! I’m glad to be volunteering alongside such wonderful people. 🙂

Thank you, Jermaine, and thank you to all our volunteers!

Interested in volunteering? Contact our volunteer coordinator Rebecca Bowlin at


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