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Help End LGBTQ Youth Homelessness through #40toNone Day | National Runaway Safeline

Image courtesy of Vineeth Sekharan (HomelessHub.ca)

On April 26, 2017, the True Colors Fund will once again be focusing on the issue of LGBT youth homelessness with #40toNoneDay.

Currently, 40% of homeless youth identify as LGBT but make up less than 7% of the youth population. #40toNoneDay is the day to bring awareness to the issue to bring about a better understanding of why this happens along with how we can all become better advocates.

According to the 2016 Impact Report by True Colors Fund, over 7,000 posts with over 118 million impressions. This is done through ThunderClap, a platform that allows for supporters to spread the message of their organization by sending the same message at the same time on the same day. Through online posts, participants engage in the conversation regarding LGBT youth homelessness.

Support #40toNone Day through Thunderclap

Other ways that people can become involved is by taking “un-selfies” which is taking a photo with one of the signs available through the True Colors Fund or by setting up a photo booth for others in the community to take “un-selfies” in. Communities can also work with their local officials to declare #40toNoneDay by way of a proclamation.

Visit #40toNoneDay for more information, to help spread the word or to participate on this very important day to decrease the homeless LGBT population from 40% to none.


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