Meet NRS’ volunteer of the month for August 2017, Caroline Bernet, and learn why she chooses to serve youth in crisis at NRS.

Volunteer of the Month | Caroline Bernet | July 2017

Tell us a fun fact about yourself. I am moving to Scotland in September! I will be attending the University of Edinburgh there. I have always loved traveling and cannot wait to explore a different city in a different country. But I will miss my time at NRS so much.

How did you first get involved with NRS? I did a lot of research online trying to find where I could volunteer at and make better use of my time. When I found NRS, it really stuck with me, and so I spent the summer going to orientation and training.

Why do you choose to keep coming back to volunteer? 

I love the community of supervisors and volunteers. Everyone has always been so friendly and helpful, whether we’re dealing with difficult calls or just talking when there aren’t any calls. I also value my time at NRS on the lines. I think it’s really important to stay committed to something so important, like helping youth in crisis across the country. 

What have you gained from your experience? I have learned so much about communication and support from NRS. How to really listen to someone and help them brainstorm options they have. Volunteering at NRS has opened my eyes to the terrible problems a lot of minors face but volunteering here has also given me the confidence that there are so many people working hard to help minors in these situations. 

Can you tell us about a call that stuck with you? A story that really stuck with me was a call from a mom. Her son had been missing for two days. We were talking about all of the options she had and she was venting a lot. I usually don’t like these calls because at a certain point there aren’t a lot of options left. But just while we were 15 minutes into the call she stopped talking and said “Wait! Wait he just walked up! He’s here! He’s here!” and she ended the call. That call makes me really happy. 

Any last thoughts? Every volunteer at NRS is incredible. Dedicating your time to a cause like this is really meaningful. I hope that you all know how amazing you are and thank you so much for making NRS a place I love coming to!

If you are in the Chicago area and interested in becoming a youth crisis services volunteer at NRS, email Jamin Draves at


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