Thank you to our September donors that help us provide support to a concerned friend in the middle of the night!

Scared for an internet friend in an abusive home! The title says it all, really. She lives in Georgia and I live in the Northeast, so I can’t do anything about it in person. She lives with her grandparents and they are openly emotionally abusive. They haven’t been physical with her yet, but they threaten it and she’s seen it spill over into physical abuse with other people in her life, so she knows they’re capable of it. As we speak she’s scared for her life (long story). She’s scared to call the police or to have me call the police because she’s afraid that her grandparents will take it out on her or take away her ability to contact me or anyone else. She also doesn’t have the utmost confidence that small-town Georgia police will take her seriously (and honestly, neither do I.) She wants to run away, but it’s almost midnight here now and she’s scared to go out in the darkness (they live in a pretty rural area). Is there anything I can do?

-posted on NRS’ forum on September 27, 2017

The decision to reach out for help and to leave a human trafficking situation is one that takes tremendous bravery.  Youth may feel hopeless and think they have no options.  NRS responds by calling every shelter in town until they can find somewhere safe for the youth to go. NRS responds by making a plan. NRS responds by arranging medical care and resources. NRS responds by connecting youth to local and national organizations dedicated to supporting human trafficking survivors. We are here to listen and help.

Thank you to our September donors that help us provide support to a concerned friend in the middle of the night!

Philip Brooks, Keith and Joan Bauman, Combined Federal Campaign Employees,  Morris Floyd and Alejandro Herrera, Pepsico Foundation, Jennifer and Max Stein


Allstate Insurance Company

United Airlines 


AAR CORP, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Tube & Iron, Coldwell Banker, EY, Greyhound Lines, Inc., Ken Lavelle, Michele & Gary Lehman, Olympic Steel, PwC, Radio Flyer, The SMB Help Desk, Wolfort Family Foundation


ArcelorMittal, AttorneySync, Carlton Technologies, Stephen & Rosemary Mack, Richard Malone, Randall & Fiona Royer, Joyce & Jonathan Sapir


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