One of our long-time volunteers shares her thoughts on the importance of the National Runaway Safeline.

Frontline team member Carolyn Smigla shared the following reflections at the NRS’ candlelight vigil for National Runaway Prevention Month. Here is a portion of her thoughts:

Here is her full speech:

Mahatma Gandhi  brought the ancient concept satyagraha to the people of India who threw off their colonial oppressors.

In the 1960’s, Martin Luther King, Jr. brought satyagraha to the civil rights struggle, translated as soul force or love force.

This is the power of valiant hearts and love in action to bring freedom to a nation and to oppose systemic oppression and racist systems. And this is what we do at NRS, whether on our shift or as our job, we resist the forces hurting our callers – and we help them find their well-spring of satyagraha and hope. 

For youth who are bullied

For youth who bully from their own pain

For youth surviving labor trafficking

For youth who are not safe at home

For youth surviving sex trafficking

For youth whose gender identity is causing violence or rejection

For youth whose sexual orientation is causing violence or rejection

For runaway youth who are cold and exhausted tonight

For homeless youth who feel invisible and alone

For parents who don’t know where their child is

For adults who want to put their love into action, thank you! It is an honor to stand with you- to work with you at NRS – to see your soul-force shine.  

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