Find out more about the National Runaway Safeline’s (NRS) Organization of the Month for December 2017, ACH Child and Family Services (ACH).

NRS Organization of the Month | ACH Child and Family Services | December 2017NRS recently launched a social media campaign to raise awareness of the runaway and homeless youth crisis in the United States. The campaign was a great success, thanks to the help of national partners, supporters, and friends. More people were reached by this campaign than ever before. These organizations are also committed to the safety and health of children and youth, providing services and counseling when youth are in crisis or in danger of living on the street.

One particular organization that reflects this is ACH Child and Family Services. For their help, they are NRS’ Organization of the Month for December 2017.

Here are some of the posts that ACH shared for us:

ACH is based in Fort Worth, Texas. According to their website, it is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children, youth and families in our community overcome life’s challenges.

ACH was founded as All Church Home for Children over a century ago by a group of women in order to provide a safe home for orphans and destitute women with children. Their first home was built in 1915 and served the city and surrounding suburbs.

Their mission statement:

Safety, hope and love for all children. Through strength-based partnership, ACH Child and Family Services (ACH) brings resources and skills to children and families struggling with life’s challenges. Together we develop solutions that create safety, hope, love and the capacity to thrive.

ACH utilizes a solution-focused, competency-based care approach to working with our clients. All ACH services are child-centered and family-focused to best address the needs of children while closely involving families. We partner with our clients to provide the right services and the right level of assistance that will help our clients overcome life’s challenges and achieve their own goals.

The programs they provide are classified as:

  • Promoting safety and stability
  • Preserving families
  • Treatment services

Services include programs for homeless youth that provide independent living housing and life skills, as well as for foster youth aging out of the system. Other services include youth and family counseling, foster care and adoption of youth, mental health, and crisis services.

ACH Child and Family Services have helped creat healthy environments for children and youth and given shelter to youth in need for over 100 years. NRS is proud to have them as a partner.


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