Meet the National Runaway Safeline’s (NRS) January 2018, volunteer of the month, Anne Hauert, and learn why she chooses to serve youth in crisis at NRS.

Crisis Volunteer of The Month | Anne Hauert | January 2018Tell us a fun fact about yourself. I am a serious “mystery-phile.” I love mystery novels, true crime stories, and television police procedurals. This March I’m attending my first mystery/ crime writer conference in Chicago – “Murder and Mayhem.” Can’t wait!

How did you first get involved with NRS? Given the changing political climate in our country, I had concerns about marginalized people becoming more marginalized, so I decided to do something to help instead of just worrying and complaining. I was looking for something “hands-on” and through VolunteerMatch I found this great opportunity to be a liner with NRS.

Why do you choose to keep coming back to work as a volunteer? 

The fact that I get a chance to help individuals who are going through a rough time is what really motivates me to come back. I also love the staff and volunteers that I work with at NRS.

What have you gained from your experience? I enjoy my day job, but it’s been really healthy for me to step out of my comfort zone to do something totally new. It was somewhat scary at first but also exhilarating.

Can you tell us about a call that stuck with you? I am consistently amazed at the resilience of the young people that I talk to on the lines. They are struggling with such difficult situations so early in life and so often, I realize at the end of a call that these kids really had all the answers before they even contacted us. They just needed someone to listen to them, support them and confirm that their instincts were right.

Any last thoughts? Don’t get so caught up in the NRS model that you forget to be yourself!


If you are in the Chicago area and interested in becoming a youth crisis services volunteer at NRS, email Jamin Draves at


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