Why our annual report deserves your attention.

NRS’ Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Report is a compilation of NRS’ services, finances, donors and people working together in service to the country. The 2017 theme is “Why We Do What We Do.”

Annual Report on Runaway Youth Hotline | NRS Annual Report 2017

NRS’ mission is to keep America’s runaway, homeless and at-risk youth stay safe and off the street. NRS’ staff, board, volunteers, and supporters are all instrumental in NRS’ continued efforts. The annual report gives great detail on how their combined commitments made this happen, even when our status as the nation’s communications system for runaway and homeless youth was at risk.

Runaway and Homeless Youth Hotline Annual Report 2017

The annual report also includes statistics on the growth of youth and parent connections that NRS has made over the last several years. The increased number of online connections (crisis emails, live chat, forum postings) and 1800RUNAWAY.org visitors illustrates how vital NRS’ crisis services are to America.

Statistics on Runaway Youth in NRS Annual Report 2017

Lastly, the report features a special Runaway Reality story, drawn from connections with youth and parents that contact the crisis services center every day. Runaway Reality stories help humanize the very real people connecting to NRS through the 1-800-RUNAWAY hotline and 1800RUNAWAY.org online crisis services. Each story re-confirms why we do what we do. 

Download the full annual report here.



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