Thank you to all who donated during December of 2017.

Some days are good, while sometimes some days can get out of control. One time my mother thought that I was writing about her in my diary, so she forced me to show it to her and upon discovering that a girl and I in my grade liked each other (I’m a girl), she lit the diary on fire and told me she didn’t want me living with her. – Trouble with Home Life, excerpt from the NRS’ Forum on January 1, 2018

Because our donors are there for NRS, we are there 24/7/365 for youth having ‘Trouble with Home Life’.

Thank you to our December donors*!

Karen Anagnost, Anonymous, Rodger and Sybil Badger, Donna Beranek, Laura Branden, Philip Brooks, Courtney Calero, Combined Federal Campaign Employees, Giuseppe Commodaro, Kathryn Deka, Jonah and Erin Ellin, Sherwin and Denise Esterman, Facebook donors, Jeffrey Fleishmann, Morris Floyd and Alejandro Herrera, Theresa Flynn, Geoffrey Gass, Glenmede Trust Company, Miriam Gordon, Sarah Hoban and Mitchell Walker, Heidi Hostetter, Julia Hynes, ICM Properties, Sue A. James, Jonathan Karmel, Ingeborg Kohler, Erin and David Kohn, Ingrid Krause, Brett Kring, Craig Kullman,, Edwin and Judith Leonard, Richard Malone, Jonathan Malpass, Susan Mayer, Mark and Mary Menzel, Catherine Nardi and Eric Gastevich, Alice Newell, NYC Department of Parks, Donna Osipchak, Robert Pearson, Pepsico Foundation, Darius Augustine Povilaitis, Mark Rothas, Brad Rumsky, Vincent Sanchez, Don Sands, Frank and Barbara Lee Santos, Anne and Ron Schankin, Jacquelyn Schankin, Alice and Lewis Shelton, Brian Shin, Alan Shirley, Karen Smith, STEP Fund, Rick Stoneham, Richard Stuckey, Fred Sturm and Deborah Gillaspie, Nora Tesmond and Andrea Hamblin, Frank R. Tortorella, Dona-Lee Trotter, United Way of Metropolitan Chicago, James D. Wiltshire, Cory Winters, Robert Wolf, John Wright, Miles Yang

In Honor of Greg Buseman

West Monroe Partners

In Honor of Morgan Fisher

Lorraine Herr

In Honor of Ken and Sandra Lavelle

Sleeter Family

In Honor of Rich Malone

Charles Katzenmeyer

In Honor of Bob Singer

Jeffrey Lewy and Ed Eishen

In Honor of Gordon Vance

Deborah Hinde

 In Honor of Katy Walsh

Thomas and Elizabeth Eisele

In Memory of Caitlin West

Karen West

*Donors who supported NRS through our Spirit of Youth benefit in December.  


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