Because our donors are there for us, we are there for an abused 12 year old.

I’m 12 and I want to run away. My parents always punch me and my dad takes me into the bathroom, turns the fan on, and hits me with a belt until it breaks. My mom also takes a boxing glove and repeatedly punches me. My parents hit me if they find out that i got beat up at school by a bully. They say that it’s not strong enough. And I think to myself, “What the heck?” Even my teachers care about me, but they really can’t do anything about the relationship between my parents and me. My mom threw a phone charger at me and I got shocked, but still didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to get hurt. So I’m thinking about running away. I even packed a bag. Can you please help what to do? Thank you. – My parents beat me up all the time, should I run away? posted on NRS’ forum February 12, 2018

Because our donors are there for us, we are there for an abused 12-year-old.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to NRS in January.

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