Sometimes it’s difficult to reach out for help. NRS wants youth to feel comfortable connecting to support.

National Runaway Safeline (NRS) is here 24/7 to support youth and families dealing with all kinds of crisis situations. While the majority of NRS contacts identify as youth, many are parents, relatives, and others concerned about a youth in their life. When anyone connects to NRS they get a confidential listening ear who is there to not only provide support but also talk about safe options and resources.  

73% of NRS contact relationships identified as youth – Taken from 2017 NRS’ Crisis Statistics

Sometimes it’s difficult to reach out for help. NRS wants youth to feel comfortable connecting to support when they are in a crisis or just need someone to talk to. One way NRS does this is to offer a resource called Kids Call.  

Kids Call is an activity from Module 6: Runaway Reality in the free Let’s Talk: Runaway Prevention Curriculum. This activity requires a facilitator to contact a representative from National Runaway Safeline and set up a time to teleconference with the youth they work with.   

It gives youth a chance to talk with NRS staff about who reaches out for help and what it would be like to call 1-800-RUNAWAY. Youth even have a chance to participate in a mock call! 

What makes someone run away? 

Why would someone call NRS? 

What are some risks associated with running away? 

Youth choose to leave what they consider home for a number of reasons. Some may need a “time out” or some distance between themselves and their problems. All youth, regardless of background, culture, socioeconomic status, and race, face similar challenges that may lead them to leave home.  

At the time of contacting NRS, 39% of youth identified as being in crisis, 31% identified as contemplating running, 16% identified as a runaway… – Taken from 2017 NRS’ Crisis Statistics

The Kids Call program provides information about issues runaway and homeless youth face, who reach out to NRS, and what young people can expect when they connect through 1-800-RUNAWAY or There are many ways youth can connect with National Runaway Safeline – crisis hotline, live chat, crisis email, forum. The goal of the Kids Call program is to relieve any kind of anxiety around connecting to NRS for help.  

Giving youth a better understanding of runaway issues while providing them a safe resource to connect with is so important. NRS wants to make sure that all youth and family know that 1-800-RUNAWAY is a confidential resource and is there for them anytime they may be struggling or need help.    

If facilitators are interested in setting up a Kids Call they can contact or 773-289-1723.  


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