NRS honors Mallory as December’s Volunteer of the Month for her commitment, dedication and skills as a crisis services volunteer.

Mallory Hyneman, Volunteer of the MonthFun Fact (something about you that you would want others to know that they may not know already):

My boyfriend and I, who were only together for just over a year, left our jobs and half of our belongings to move here from Oklahoma. Neither of us had a job lined up and we finalized our apartment a week before leaving.

How did you first become involved with NRS?

Since moving to here, I had been searching for an organization to become involved with. I was reading the Red Eye on the train and saw NRS as the featured volunteer opportunity. I looked into it further and loved their mission and purpose.

What keeps you coming back?

I have been lucky to receive the rarely heard calls that show the positive outcomes of our time and service. One involved a man who called us because his friend had used our services and managed to get back on his feet. Another call was from a concerned adult who thanked us for what we do for all the youth in our country.

What have you learned from your experiences here?

I have gained a real appreciation for the importance and power behind simply listening to someone in crisis, regardless of how large or small they may seem to others.

Give us a story from your experience that stuck with you:

The call that stuck with me the most was a poignant conversation with a young woman who was being abused by her parents. After multiple abuse reports and three visits from Child Protective Services, nothing had changed. Our discussion boiled down to her inevitable need to leave home because she had no other options. As hard as she tried, she had to make a serious sacrifice to protect herself.

Mallory Hyneman Open Mic Moment (this is your chance to say to all volunteers whatever you would like):

In the words of the great Smoochy, “You can’t change the world, but you can make a dent.” Your attentiveness and compassion mean the world to your callers.

If you are in the Chicago area and interested in becoming a youth crisis services volunteer at NRS, email Jamin Draves at


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