NRS honors Mallory as December’s Volunteer of the Month for her commitment, dedication and skills as a crisis services volunteer.

Fun Fact (something people may not know already about you):

I have an aunt who is a nun and an uncle who is a rabbi!

How did you first become involved with NRS?

I was looking for a weekly volunteer commitment, and my mom recommended I look at NRS.

What keeps you coming back?

I am inspired by the individuals we serve as well as the dedicated staff and volunteers.

What have you learned from your experiences here?

Being a liner has taught me a lot about human resilience. I am inspired by the strength of callers who are courageous enough to reach out for help from a stranger in their most difficult moments. I often put myself in their shoes, and am reminded of how hard it was for me to lean on the people I knew and trusted during a difficult time, let alone a stranger. 

Give us a story from your experience that stuck with you:

I once received an international call from a young person who was being severely abused. The person knew that we did not have resources to offer them but just wanted someone to talk to. This call stuck with me both because of the severity of the call and also because in their moment of greatest need, the caller put their trust in a stranger thousands of miles away.

Open Mic Moment (this is your chance to say to all volunteers whatever you would like):

Don’t underestimate how important your work as a volunteer is!

If you are in the Chicago area and interested in becoming a youth crisis services volunteer at NRS, sign up for an upcoming Volunteer Orientation. Please e-mail Jamin Draves, Volunteer Coordinator, at with any questions.


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