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Our 40 Year Anniversary PSA (:60)

Our 40 Year Anniversary PSA (:30)

The National Runaway Switchboard changed its name to National Runaway Safeline. Call center supervisors Frank and Lindsey explain why we made the change:

A volunteer tells a story of a child in crisis:

NRS Overview by Giving Library:

1-800-RUNAWAY film explains services:


Executive Director Maureen Blaha is showcased in national podcasts.

Better Teachers Better Leaders

Blended Family

The Cult of Pedagogy 

Late Night Parents

Living Intentionally

How can NRS help you?

What happens when you contact us:

Introducing the 1-800-RUNAWAY hotline center:

Getting a bus ticket home:

Connecting to online services, emailing and posting:

Connecting to online services, live chat:

National Runaway Safeline – Aqui a Escuchar, Aqui para Ayudar:

Considering Volunteering at NRS?

Our volunteers share their thoughts.

Meet our volunteers:

“What would you say to someone who is considering volunteering?”

“How do you know when a call has gone successfully?”

“What drew you to the NRS?”

“What were your misconceptions about runaway youth?”

“What call has stayed with you the most?”

Public Service Announcements

SPUN – Focus on Bullying:

Live Chat with NRS featuring Ludacris:

Join the Street Team:

Home Free Program featuring Ludacris:

Cyndi Lauper Lights up the Empire State Building:

Ludacris for National Runaway Prevention Month:

Ludacris for National Runaway Switchboard:

NRS Informational Films

The Number One Reason Kids Runaway Away by

A Listening Ear:

On the Street:

Let’s Chat: Runaway Prevent Curriculum – Module 6 “Runaway Reality”:


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