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Our 40 Year Anniversary PSA (:60)

Our 40 Year Anniversary PSA (:30)

The National Runaway Switchboard changed its name to National Runaway Safeline. Call center supervisors Frank and Lindsey explain why we made the change:

A volunteer tells a story of a child in crisis:

NRS Overview by Giving Library:

1-800-RUNAWAY film explains services:


Better Teachers Better Leaders

Blended Family

The Cult of Pedagogy 

Late Night Parents

Living Intentionally

How can NRS help you?

What happens when you contact us:

Introducing the 1-800-RUNAWAY hotline center:

Getting a bus ticket home:

Connecting to online services, emailing and posting:

Connecting to online services, live chat:

National Runaway Safeline – Aqui a Escuchar, Aqui para Ayudar:

Considering Volunteering at NRS?

Our volunteers share their thoughts.

Meet our volunteers:

“What would you say to someone who is considering volunteering?”

“How do you know when a call has gone successfully?”

“What drew you to the NRS?”

“What were your misconceptions about runaway youth?”

“What call has stayed with you the most?”

Public Service Announcements

SPUN – Focus on Bullying:

Live Chat with NRS featuring Ludacris:

Join the Street Team:

Home Free Program featuring Ludacris:

Cyndi Lauper Lights up the Empire State Building:

Ludacris for National Runaway Prevention Month:

Ludacris for National Runaway Switchboard:

NRS Informational Films

The Number One Reason Kids Runaway Away by

A Listening Ear:

On the Street:

Let’s Chat: Runaway Prevent Curriculum – Module 6 “Runaway Reality”:


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