Homeless Teen and Runaway Youth Research from NRS

There is no typical runaway or homeless teen. There is no typical crisis situation. However, there is information that helps us determine what runaway and homeless teens and youth face on the street. NRS compiles annual data from crisis connections to its hotline and online services.  NRS also looks at the data over time and publishes a bi-annual trends analysis.  In addition, NRS has conducted various research projects to build the depth and breadth of information available on the runaway and homeless youth population.

NRS’ Crisis Hotline and Online Services’ Statistics

2016 National Runaway Safeline Crisis Contacts Report

2016 NRS’ Crisis Connections Trend Report 2005-2015

2012 NRS’ Home Free Program

Longitudinal Study: Long-Term Effects of Running Away (2011, 2012, 2013)

Why They Run Report (2010)

Runaway Youth’s Knowledge and Access of Services (2011)

Characteristics of Help Seeking Street Youth and Non-Street Youth


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