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Why They Run: An in-depth look at America’s runaway youth, presented by the National Runaway Switchboard, sheds new light on the runaway problem in America and begins to fill in the gaps of what is already known and what can be done based on research on runaway youth. Why They Run does the following:

  • Considers existing data about the issue through a decade’s worth of expert studies;
  • Weighs the trend data compiled by the National Runaway Safeline, which handles more than 100,000 calls annually – an average of 273 calls per day with runaway and at-risk youth, family members and other individuals with questions or concerns about a youth; and
  • Examines the one-on-one interviews from America’s youth, who are residing in shelters or living “on the street,” about the real and perceived issues when it comes to reaching out for help.

In a world where there are more ways than ever before to stay connected, how is it that youth are becoming so disconnected, and what can be done to respectfully integrate them back into a safe, secure environment or, whenever possible, the fold of a healthy family life? That’s why this report is critically important. To jumpstart new dialogue and collaborate on finding and implementing strategies that reverse the runaway trend. To explore ways of reaching youth that are real, relevant and capable of scaling the walls they have put up for protection and survival.

Why They Run Report

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