Following the success of National Runaway Prevention Month, the National Runaway Safeline (NRS) has recently unveiled a brand new campaign titled Let’s Step Forward Together. This campaign will help vulnerable young people recognize they are not alone in their struggles, and remind them that resources, such as NRS, are here to help them reach a better tomorrow.

The Let’s Step Forward Together campaign includes paid social media ads, traditional media outreach, social media sharing and visibility on the NRS website. It is a truly comprehensive campaign and the hip, colorful graphics and compelling messages are sure to resonate with youth.

You can help us spread the word in any of the following ways:

  • Download the animations below to post on your social media pages between now and January 15th
  • Include the recommended message with your posts
  • Use the hashtag #HereToHelpYou247 when you post
  • Show your support on Facebook by adding the campaign Profile Picture Frame by searching: Let’s Step Forward Together

Please contact Jeff Stern at with any questions.

Core Campaign Animations
(click titles to view animations and to download)

“You don’t have to walk through life alone.”


“There’s no better destination than hope.”


“The steps you’ve taken don’t have to define you. The next one will.”


“Your feet can carry you anywhere. Why not to a better future?”

Recommended message to accompany animations:

Where you’re headed matters. That’s why the National Runaway Safeline is with you every step of the way, and available to listen 24/7. A better tomorrow starts by calling 1.800.RUNAWAY. Let’s step forward together. #HereToHelpYou247


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