On November 22nd, we ask that you support National Runaway Prevention Month by downloading a “selfie sign” and share how you helped a friend.

The theme of NRPM 2017 is Friends Helping Friends. This theme was designed to communicate how youth, parents, family members and educators are hearing about the National Runaway Safeline. While the majority of our callers do hear about us online, there is a  large portion of callers that hear about us through a friend or an acquaintance, who is assisting the youth through their situation. A youth will typically trust a friend enough to talk about their problems. A friend is there to support, listen and care.

Please download a selfie sign through the links below and take a photo or a video holding the sign. Then share your story on your social media platforms with the hashtag #NRPM2017.


I am a supporter                           I am an educator                        I am an NRS board member

I am a community member        I am a youth outreach worker    NRS associate board member

I am an elected official                I am a student                            I am an NRS staff member

I am a public servant                    I am a parent                              I am an NRS volunteer


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