We’re looking for bright and innovative young people to join us as Youth Ambassadors.

Sleeping on the streets, trying to figure out how to get your next meal, worrying about your safety. Being young and homeless is a very difficult way to live. And no one should have to.

With 4.2 million young people experiencing homelessness each year, we have a real crisis in our country. 4.2 million. That’s approximately the entire population of Los Angeles, our country’s second largest city!

But you can help. You can make a difference. Use your voice and join us as a Youth Ambassador in the National Runaway Prevention Month awareness campaign.

We are inviting you to become an official NRPM Ambassador, to help “Shine a Light” and make an impact in the lives of runaway and homeless youth. Just fill out the form below.

National Runaway Prevention Month Youth Ambassadors will receive:

  • NRPM updates, information and resources to help you spread the word;
  • Social media graphics to share out;
  • A possible shout-out on NRS social media channels;
  • Possible recognition of your efforts in your local community, driven by NRS staff; and
  • Full support from our staff to answer question and help make NRPM the best it can be.

And, hey, let’s be honest, while you’re doing good for others, your involvement in NRPM does good for you, too. Being an NRPM Youth Ambassador looks impressive on a college application or resume!

Please email Kathryne LeBell, Development Coordinator, at klebell@1800RUNAWAY.org to find out more information.

  • This will be where we will mail your welcome packet!

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