I have a child that has run away from home | Resources and Support for Parents and Guardians

I Have a Child That Has Run Away From Home | Resources for Parents and Guardians

The National Runaway Safeline has access to over 7,000 resources throughout the country, including support groups, counseling and drug treatment centers and housing. These are some resources that may be useful to parents or guardians in crisis. If you cannot find the resources you are looking for here, call 1-800-RUNAWAY and we can search our extensive database for help in your area.

National Clearinghouse on Families and Youth: Information for Parents and Community Members


Center for Improvement of Child Care

Circle of Parents

National Parent Teacher Association

Parents for Megan’s Law

OffenderWatch Initiative (OWI)

Parents and Guardians of Missing Teens

Has your child run away from home or gone missing? The National Runaway Safeline can direct you to resources in your area, as well as to national organizations that can help. This is a difficult time, and we understand your concerns. Our frontline staff is trained to find the options that will help you best, and work with you to connect you to the support you need.

Our crisis services center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through our runaway hotline, our email system, as well as our live chat.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children


Operation Lookout

Polly Klaas Foundation


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