Want to Help Runaway Teenagers?

Youth Activists are young people across the country that follow the National Runaway Safeline on the NRS’ blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Youth Activists raise awareness of issues facing teenagers by sharing posts on their social media platforms.

They help runaway teenagers, homeless, and at-risk youth, and raise the visibility of NRS’ work.

They also provide their input on social issues affecting youth.

This click-activism is an important way to help peers and a great online resume portfolio builder for the Youth Activist.

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the Youth Activists:

What does a typical activist do?

A Youth Activist shares and likes NRS’ content on their social media platforms and uses a hashtag to track reach. Or a Youth Activist also creates their own original content to draw attention to issues young people are facing. An example might be:

Post a photo, quote, or original thought about what makes for a healthy relationship and use the #1800RUNAWAY and #healthylove and #youthactivist

Are there other opportunities for a Youth Activist to help the National Runaway Safeline?

A Youth Activist could also:

Friends Helping Friends | National Runaway Prevention Month

  • host a school fundraiser like a bake sale or jeans day and donate the money to NRS

Bake Sale to Benefit NRS Held By Youth Activists

Runaway Reality Module | Let's Talk: Runaway Prevention Curriculum


How can we measure posting on social media in terms of community service hours?

NRS encourages educators to measure weekly participation as two community service hours.

While this may seem generous at first sight, the reach to friends and other contacts on social media has a profound impact. It is comparable to probably even more than two hours of more ‘hands on’ community service. A Youth Activist’s voice is incredibly valuable to NRS and to their homeless, runaway, and at-risk peers.

Who can be a Youth Activist ?

Any young person between the ages of 14 and 24 can be a Youth Activist, whether it is part of a school community service project or not.

This is a good option as it is a low commitment with high impact for students with community service requirements. Some other groups who could form a Youth Activist League beneficial could be:

  • honor societies
  • service clubs such as Key Club
  • government classes
  • service learning classes
  • sports teams, etc.

Thank you for considering becoming a Youth Activist. NRS relies on Youth Activists to connect young people to services at 1-800-RUNAWAY and 1800RUNAWAY.org while building the country’s awareness of issues relevant to today’s youth with a united voice.


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