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Liability Clause

Because volunteers are not employees, they are not covered by Workers’ Compensation in the unlikely event they are injured while on the National Runaway Safeline’s premises. The National Runaway Safeline has full property, casualty and liability insurance, which covers all staff, volunteers and visitors while one-site in very specific situations. In addition, the National Runaway Safeline has a comprehensive safety program in place to minimize the likelihood of injury to all staff, volunteers, and visitors.

If an on-site accident should occur, it may be necessary for a volunteer to seek medical attention and to file a claim through his/her own private health insurance. The National Runaway Safeline will assume no liability for payment of, or reimbursement for, medical expenses beyond that which is covered by its property, casualty and liability insurance.

If a volunteer becomes so ill while providing services at the National Runaway Safeline that he/she cannot go home or seek medical attention, the on-duty call center supervisor will contact the volunteer’s emergency contact. If the medical condition appears life threatening, the supervisor will call 911 for assistance (because of liability issues, the National Runaway Safeline staff and fellow volunteers are prohibited from driving someone to a medical provider). If an ambulance is sent, the volunteer is liable for all medical costs related to transportation and treatment provided by emergency personnel and medical facility staff. The National Runaway Safeline assumes no liability for costs associated to contacting 911 or subsequent treatment.

Occasionally the National Runaway Safeline holds an event to which volunteers are invited to attend. If the Executive Director, a member of the staff or Board of Directors offers a ride in his/her automobile to a volunteer and there is an accident, any injury to the volunteer will be covered by the insurance of the auto owner. The National Runaway Safeline is not liable for payment of, or reimbursement for, medical expenses incurred by a volunteer who is injured in an automobile driven by any employee, its volunteers or Board members.


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