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Partner Spotlight: Hale Kipa

Extending Hospitality to Hawaii’s Youth

Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches, tropical weather, rich culture, pineapples, and so much more. With its white sand beaches, Honolulu, often appears on lists of top tourist destinations in the United States.

“Honolulu is a bustling city, which makes it easy to blend in,” explained Alika Campbell, a Program Coordinator with Hale Kipa. “Since the COVID-19 pandemic and the passage of City and County legislation aimed at eliminating homeless encampments, youth experiencing homelessness are more mobile and hidden.”

This shift in where homeless young people live has made it challenging for the team at Hale Kipa and their youth outreach program, YO!, to identify and help these young people. Park closures and increased enforcement measures force these young people to move around more frequently, and as a result, Hale Kipa has a tough time staying in touch with individuals.

Hale Kipa

To remedy this issue, Hale Kipa’s staff has been increasing its outreach to other parts of O‘ahu so they can continue to provide services to this in-need population.

As of January 2020, Hawaii had an estimated 6,458 people experiencing homelessness on any given day, as reported by the Continuums of Care to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Of those, 299 were unaccompanied young adults between the ages of 18 and 24.

YO! Staff Members: Paige O’Farrell, Malcolm Iwami, TJ Tom, Joyce Stevens, Alika Campbell

Since 1970, Hale Kipa, has championed Hawai‘i’s youth and children. They provide youth outreach, independent living facilities, therapeutic foster care, a haven for runaways, and more. Their founders recognized a need for a nonprofit to assist this deserving population and they remain committed to this critical work today, on O‘ahu, Kaua‘i, and the Island of Hawai‘i.

During past National Runaway Prevention Month campaigns, Hale Kipa’s team has secured a proclamation from the Mayor of Honolulu, illuminated City Hall with green lights, participated in “Wear Green” Day, and more.

We appreciate Hale Kipa’s involvement in National Runaway Prevention Month and encourage you to learn more about this organization by visiting

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January 2024 Volunteer of the Month

The National Runaway Safeline is thrilled to announce Jackie Barron as the January 2024 volunteer of the month. Jackie’s path to volunteering with NRS was paved with empathy and a desire to make a positive impact. Growing up in a challenging family environment, Jackie often found herself in the “fixer” role (having a keen sense of responsibility, often prioritizing the needs of other before her own), even at a young age. This understanding of adversity and resilience led her to seek out opportunities to give back, ultimately leading her to NRS.

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Activating Connections to Prevent Human Trafficking

As we step into a new year, January holds more than the promise of resolutions. It’s a clarion call to confront a pervasive crisis: Human Trafficking Awareness Month. This presidentially designated annual awareness campaign, led by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), unites youth-facing service providers and communities through education about human trafficking and the roles we all play in protecting vulnerable youth. The 2024 theme, “Activate Connections to Prevent Human Trafficking,” is a stark reminder: This fight isn’t for the solitary hero. It’s a collective struggle, demanding connections that safeguard and uplift those at risk or already ensnared in human trafficking’s grip.

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December 2023 Volunteer of the Month

It’s not often that a nonprofit organization is lucky enough to have long-term volunteers. Fortunately, the National Runaway Safeline (NRS) has been working with John P., our December 2023 Volunteer of the Month, for more than 12 years! John finds that volunteering provides a “meaningful connection with the human experience.” He recognizes something special in helping those in need and wonders why more people aren’t drawn to the fulfilling world of volunteering.

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