Runaway Prevention Curriculum: Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk: Runaway Prevention Curriculum is a free, evidence-based, interactive, 14 module curriculum intended to educate young people about alternatives to running away as well as to build life skills so that youth can resolve problems without resorting to running away or unsafe behavior.

The curriculum can be used in any number of settings, including schools, youth groups, community centers, and after schools clubs.  Let’s Talk is primarily designed for youth ages 10-20, but is easily adapted to other age groups.

Let’s Talk is also designed to be supremely user-friendly for instructors. Each module gives instructors all the necessary information, including worksheets that go along with each activity and pre and post-tests.  Let’s Talk is currently being taught at sites in 42 states.

We have Facilitator Tip Sheets available, which provide helpful suggestions and discussion questions related to Let’s Talk. You can download them below:


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